Our Process

How we're eliminating plastic waste.

To clean up the billions of tonnes of plastic in nature, we need to go beyond “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Enter the world’s first fully-integrated plastic offset platform. We offer an effective and traceable solution to mitigate plastic waste, ensuring it doesn’t wind up in nature.


The war on plastic demands bold solutions. The best way is to reduce, reuse, and recycle any unessential plastic. But for all the rest, a solution set which includes a comprehensive offset program can keep plastic waste out of nature.



Aling Tindera Network

The Aling Tindera Network is a community of women micro-entrepreneurs we empower to manage sustainable waste-to-cash systems. We equip each of them with the resources and training to run plastic waste collection stations and be champions for sustainability in their communities.


Community Collection

Local villages and townships work with PCX to promote a circular economy and encourage recycling through the set up of plastic waste collection points in their areas. We connect them with processors who help ensure that plastic waste doesn’t find its way into nature.


Transportation and Processing Partners

We build strategic partnerships with municipalities, government agencies and logistics providers to create systems that help prevent leakage of plastic waste, diverting it instead to sustainable processors who use technologies and processes aligned with international industry best practices and standards (e.g. UN environment program).

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Our Impact