Join the movement towards plastic neutrality.

Let’s mobilize in the fight for our oceans, and our planet.

Meet the first global non-profit plastic offset program.

We’re here to eliminate the plastic waste in nature. By helping businesses around the world offset their plastic footprints while feeding a circular economy, we make it happen.

Our Story

They’re in this fight. Will you be?

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A Simple Way To Make a Huge Impact.

Decide how much plastic you want to offset.
Buy the equivalent amount of plastic credits.
Flash your badge to show customers your brand is committed to solving the plastic waste crisis.
Clean Up
We facilitate the removal of plastic waste from local communities and ecosystems.
Empower Communities
We enable a circular economy by providing opportunities for women micro-entrepreneurs and aggregators to collect, clean up, and responsibly process plastic waste.
We ensure full accountability and transparency through comprehensive audits and full blockchain technology so everything stays above board.

A global problem needs a global solution.

Plastic waste touches every corner of the planet. If we want to get serious about it, we need everyone on board.

For example, the U.S. exports about 1 million tonnes of plastic every year.*

1 tonne = 25,000 plastic bottles

To make things worse, many of the top destinations are ill-equipped to manage the waste once it gets there.

That’s where we come in. We partner with local communities to responsibly clean up and move that waste into the circular economy.

More about The Plastic Crisis


The war on plastic demands bold solutions. Reduce, reuse, recycle is always the first step of a comprehensive solution set. Go plastic neutral by taking responsibility for your entire plastic footprint. 

Our plastic neutral mark says it all.

Show the world that you’ve joined a movement committed to ending the plastic waste crisis.
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Who is Talking About Us

"Our partnership with PCX is one of the key enablers of CPFI in achieving Plastic Neutrality in support of our sustainability goals."

Greg Banzon

Chief Operating Officer, Century Pacific Food, Inc.

"Unilever seeks to build meaningful partnerships and we are grateful to work with PCX through our shared mission to support communities and protect the environment."

Ed Sunico

Vice President for Communications for South East Asia, Unilever

"Working with Plastic Credit Exchange allows us to take direct responsibility for the environmental impact of our packaging, and actually do something to help take plastic out of the environment."

Lee Zalben

Founder & CEO, Peanut Butter & Co.

"PepsiCo realizes no single organization or industry can solve the plastic waste challenge on their own. That is why we’re working with PCX to accelerate systemic change and meaningful progress through collaborative, holistic and sustainable solutions."

Anne Marie Corominas

Corporate Affairs Head for the Philippines and Asia, PepsiCo